Anyone can turn in a show for approval.  If there are some

in your neck of the woods you want to get approved,

let us know.

To be ILBRA approved, we will need a copy of the showbill, along with the name, address, phone number, and email of the person requesting the approval.

Once it all has been reviewed, a sanction form and result form

will  be sent, and you will be advised of how much is owed for the approval(s).  If any changes are needed in order to qualify for approval, suggestions will be made at this time as well.  The sanction fee and form, along with showbill, is required before the show will be listed as approved.  Fees are $15 for 1 show or $10 per show if hosting more than one.

This info needs to be sent to:

Other questions can be answered at


Sanction Form